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We don’t sell fuel, we sell security of supply, safety and intelligence in a risk free environment.

Trusted by the Titans

In the dynamic world of energy, iWantFuel emerges not just as a petroleum and services aggregator company, but as a visionary force breaking boundaries and redefining norms. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and growth, iWantFuel proudly stands as a borderless entity, transcending geographical limitations and embracing a global footprint.

At the heart of iWantFuel's ethos lies a dedication to being cross-currency, a testament to their adaptability and resilience in an interconnected world. This unique approach allows iWantFuel to navigate the complexities of international markets seamlessly, ensuring stability and sustainability in their operations.

Fueling daily growth is more than a motto for iWantFuel; it's a promise delivered through strategic expansion and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Each day presents a new opportunity to innovate, to enhance efficiency, and to exceed expectations.

Driven by a passion for progress and a vision for a sustainable future, iWantFuel continues to redefine the landscape of the petroleum industry. With a focus on borderless operations, cross-currency capabilities, and daily growth, iWantFuel remains at the forefront of innovation, poised to meet the evolving energy needs of tomorrow.

Founder - CEO

Andrew E. Heath

Founder - MD

André du Randt

Our Years of Experience....

The only constant in life is change, throughout the years, we changed, our systems changed, it taught us valuable lessons and sometimes even punished us.

The longer we do what we do, the stronger, faster and smarter we become.

  • 2014

    iWantFuel Was born.

  • 2015

    Initially the base code ran as iWantTyres to test the code and system capabilities.

  • 2017

    The BETA version of iWantFuel was launched and bulk fuel suppliers started registering. 

  • 2018

    iWantFuel (V1) was switched on facilitated its first trades. The first trade was on 2018-02-07 @ 08:36:00 AM, 20000 L of Diesel 50 ppm to Paarl.

    Little did we know it would be the first of millions of litres moved and protected via the iWantFuel platform.

  • 2019

    Covid time, We don't speak of this period!

  • 2020

    iWantFuel (V2) On-Road Refuelling was launched. The first successful On Road refuelling trade was on 24th Oct 2020, 68 L of Diesel 50 ppm into a Volvo XC60!

    Although a passenger vehicle, it opened the door to amazing tech!

  • 2023

    iWantFuel On-Road Refuelling network has grown to more than 300 Refuelling sites.

    We integrated with MiX Telematics and partnered with TankSafe.

  • 2024

    iWantFuel (V3) Saw the light of day!

    • No more borders
    • Smarted code
    • Faster servers
    • Lessons learnt

    iWantFuel SonarTECH was born.

    • Live location tracking
    • Live fuel level monitoring
      • Static tanks
      • Mobile tanks
      • Vehicle tanks
    • Inteligent refuelling AI
Quality runs through our entire group, from every litre moved, truck stop, service station, client and supplier.

Our Suppliers only supplies the best!

We represent the best of the best and the best of the best represent us!

We believe in a transparent business model and do not dictate or force our suppliers, clients and partners into contracts, consignment stock models or one-sided business models.

We sell sustainability, security of supply and risk-free refuelling, thus the main reason why we concentrate our focus to keep our suppliers and customers satisfied at all times!

Our Phi­los­o­phy



We make sure that risk is eliminated when sourcing or buying Bulk or Fuel @ any of our On Road Refuelling Sites!


Get the BEST prices & security of supply

We will get you the best possible prices on fuel while at the same time make sure that security of supply is in place!


To proctect our clients and suppliers at all time

Our clients, We will ensure you get what you paid for.

Our suppliers, We guarantee you get paid for what you delivered. 

We Audit each and every transaction in iWantFuel!


To love what we do

We love what we do, we loved seeing a dream become reality and now love growing that reality into a company we and each and every employee can be proud of.

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